segunda-feira, 25 de maio de 2009


You can create the world you imagine, when you believe it. Your belief about anything is based upon evaluation and frequently when you re-evaluate something, your belief will change. Your belief about what you are capable of doing will keep changing and your results will continually improve.

The person who knows where they're going and who's made up their mind to get there, is going to make the grade, regardless of their education, if an education is necessary to the accomplishment of their goal, they'll get it.

Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence and determination. I think it's important to succeed in every department of our lives.

With wisdom will come kindness, patience, love, understanding and success as a person. It's never too late to begin.

It isn't how much you know, but what you get things done that the world rewards and remember. More people are held back from success because they don't know how to get things done, than for any other single reason.

The biggest handicap to a person's success is not lacked of brains or a lack of character or willingness. It is in their ability to get things done. You don't need to work harder, you need to work more effectively. You must learn to make your work count.

Everything in the entire universe operates on the law of Cause And Effect. There are no exceptions to this, nothing happens by accident, for every result, there's a cause. You have only to take care of the cause, the effect will always, without exception, take care of itself.

Good Cause----Good Effect
No Cause----No Effect
Bad Cause----Bad Effect

When we can learn from our own problems. We begin to deal with life. When we can learn from other people's problems. We begin to master life. Problems may only be avoided by exercising good judgment. Good judgment may only be gained by experiencing life's problems.



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