quinta-feira, 16 de julho de 2009

Door of Flames

I will open the door of daybreak with my wounded fingers,
Because these hands are the ones that will decide tomorrow.

The strong wind is blowing,
Fanning up the blaze that surrounds my body.

Pass through the door.
Holding up your gentle hands,
You steal my tears,
So I can trust love once more.

That tiny twinkle,
It is a light that sees someone off.
The children point at the flowers blooming in the skies.

I'm taking off on a search for the seeds of hope,
Towards the vanished horizon.

The passing evening calm,
As sorrow turns into tranquility,
I watch over.
Perhaps I will return to my hometown someday.
Until that day comes...

Red rain pours down on the lamenting earth.
The cry of the wind stirs up dark flames.

That's a distant promise,
That familiar voice,
Please let it calm my trembling chest.
my dear......

Towards the door of flames,
Holding up your gentle hands,
You take away tomorrow.
I want to know love once more, love from the heart.
It opens now,
The skies of destiny.

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