domingo, 5 de julho de 2009

Marcos Borges

A musician from Brasil who lives in Portugal since 2000.

His main interest is music...His early start back in his hometown when he was still a child listening to his uncle playing acordeon, acoustic guitar and singing to the children gave him the will ...that was when he started dreaming, music became part of himself and of his life, a small boy that was already sure of his had to be music!!

It still took him a while to fulfill his dream. He started playing an old guitar when he was fourteen but fastly was invited to play at the Baptist Church he attended where he began learning basic notions of bass guitar and playing in several events.

Marcos studied in Brazil where it completed the 2nd degree of Doublebass;
Course of Chamber music in Campos de Goytacazes - Rio de Janeiro in 1995;
Course of Chamber Music, Harmony and Improvisation Domingos Martins, Espírito Santo in 1997,he perfected and intensified his knowledges with a 2nd Course of Chamber Music, Harmony and Improvisation Domingos Martins in the subsequent year 1998.

After his graduation at EMES - Technical and Federal School of Espírito Santo ( where he got all his tecnical formation of bass and doublebass) he was invited to perform by the Orchestra and became an effective member playing Doublebass at OFES - Philharmonic Orchestra of Espírito Santo with Maestro HELDER TREFZGER and Maestro MODESTO FLAVIO and with special participation of music myths like HERMETO PASCOAL and BADEN POWELL.

He also continued performing as Bassist and Doublebassist at ETEFES-Technical and Federal School of Espírito Santo but at the time as a professional musician.

Apart of this work, he participated in several music festivals throughout Brasil playing doublebass in classical formations.

In Portugal he has been playing mostly MPB, Jazz, Bossa Nova, African Rhythms, Salsa and other Latin Rhythms beeing part of diferent projects and was invited for a special participation with famous compositor instrumentist musician PAULINO VIEIRA and ARMANDO TITO from Cape Verde.

He also was teaching bass guitar lessons at the ST.JULIANS SCHOOL.
With the School he recorded a musical at CENTRO CULTURAL DE BELÉM "RATS".

As a freelancer, he has the possibility of taking part of great musical projects and that gives him the possibility of improvisation and inovation in his sound.

He plays extraordinarly his electric bass guitar but the love of his life is really the sound his doublebass makes surrounding any room and touching souls...only listening you can figger out the geniality of the performing artist...very responsible...very professional...maybe a little too much most of the times.

At the moment he is envolved in a couple of projects including 4ELECTRIC and SAMUEL QUINTO TRIO, that has just released the new cd Salsa..n Jazz.

Musicians are at least the bigger ones...between humans and whatever you can imagine...Something that most common mortals can..t really understand...

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